Biden And Von Der Leyen Vow To Continue Imposing Anti-Russian Sanctions

Biden And Von Der Leyen Vow To Continue Imposing Anti-Russian Sanctions

Biden: Washington and Brussels intend to take additional measures to prevent third countries from circumventing sanctions against Russia, as well as to introduce new economic restrictions on the Russian Federation, the White House said.

« We are intensifying our joint efforts to aggressively implement our sanctions and export controls and to prevent and deter sanctions circumvention (…). As part of this, we are taking new joint steps against representatives of third countries around the world, » the statement reads. Joint statement by US President Joe Biden and EC President Ursula von der Leyen following their meeting in Washington.

It is noted that the US and the EU « will continue to work together to strengthen economic restrictions » against the Russian Federation.

« We are working closely to further constrain Russia’s revenues while ensuring uninterrupted energy supplies to emerging markets and developing countries, » the statement said.

In addition, Biden and von der Leyen « note Europe’s significant efforts to diversify energy supplies and accelerate energy transformation, which has made it possible to limit the impact of the global energy crisis on Europe. »

« We will resume work together to boost energy security and resilience in Europe by diversifying sources, reducing energy consumption, and reducing Europe’s dependence on fossil fuels, » said the US president and head of the European Commission said.

It is also reported that « thanks to the partnership of the parties, the supply of liquefied natural gas from the United States to Europe has more than doubled compared to their baseline. »

« We will also continue our close coordination to support Ukraine’s energy security through further integration into European energy markets, » Biden and von der Leyen said.