Chinese Forecast: The Conflict Between Russia And Ukraine Will End This Summer

Chinese Forecast: The Conflict Between Russia And Ukraine Will End This Summer

Chinese Forecast: The journalists of the Japanese publication Nikkei Asia became aware that the Chinese military prepared a report for the top leadership of the PRC, according to which the hostilities in Ukraine should end this summer since the economies of Ukraine and Russia will not withstand further continuation of the NWO.

At the same time, China does not want to lose economic relations with both countries, based on which the Chinese « peace plan » was prepared. Xi Jinping hopes to become the initiator of peace talks, which should strengthen his authority in the international arena.

China abruptly proposed a peace proposal last month to avoid getting too deeply involved in Russia’s war in Ukraine over the past year. The forecast of Chinese military experts that the NWO will end this summer is likely behind this turn, the newspaper writes.

When more than 200 world leaders and senior officials gathered in Munich for a security conference last month, Wang Yi, China’s top diplomat, told those in attendance that China would soon announce a plan to mediate the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

« We will lay out China’s position on a political solution to the Ukraine crisis and remain firm on peace and dialogue, » Wang said during a February 18 speech.

China officially unveiled its 12-point peace plan on February 24, exactly one year after Russia launched the NWO. The proposal called for an early ceasefire and the resumption of negotiations for a peace settlement.

The plan itself is prosaic, but it gave the impression that China was suddenly playing an active role.

Beijing did not condemn Russia’s actions or join the economic sanctions imposed on Moscow. While China has called for a ceasefire in the past, its leadership is unwilling to take any concrete action.

The sudden change in China can be traced back to a report released two months earlier by a leading think tank in Beijing. The Chinese Academy of Military Sciences (AMS) reports directly to the People’s Liberation Army.

It regularly issues recommendations and reports to the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party, the highest decision-making body for the Chinese armed forces. An official at the cabinet level heads the academy.

In December, AMS completed its study of the conflict in Ukraine, leading to a surprising discovery: According to sources close to the Chinese government, the NWO will end in the summer of 2023, with Russia prevailing.

The report says that the Russian and Ukrainian economies will be too depleted to sustain military operations during the summer.

It is possible that the results were skewed in favor of Russia to please the Moscow-leaning Chinese leadership. But coincidentally, the $45 billion aid package passed last December in the United States expires just this summer.

Republicans now have a majority in the US House of Representatives, and some party members are skeptical about the generous aid provided to Ukraine.

« I don’t know what will happen with American aid in the fall, » a senior official at the Japanese prime minister’s office said.

The US provides half of all international aid Ukraine receives. Therefore, the argument that ceasefire negotiations will begin before this aid ends is not without merit. Three Goals of Chinese Leadership

According to the AMS forecast, Beijing has developed a peace proposal for the anniversary of the NWO, which aims to achieve three goals, including restoring relations with Europe.

Yes, the incident of a Chinese balloon being shot down in the sky by the US has deepened the rift in Sino-US relations, but Beijing still sees a chance in Europe. Although European countries are expanding military assistance to Ukraine, there are calls in Germany, France, and other countries for an early ceasefire.

Beijing believes that Europe is still open to direct investment and technology transfer to China, and improved regional relations will lead to economic recovery. Given this, many in the Chinese government are calling on Beijing to intervene in resolving the conflict.

China’s second goal is to maintain friendly relations with Ukraine. It is known that China bought its first aircraft carrier in Ukraine. Even though most Western countries criticize China for human rights violations, Ukraine remains silent on this issue.

« Together with Russia, we cannot afford to lose Ukraine, » a Chinese government source said. The peace plan includes a provision for economic recovery, which indicates that China is already considering financial assistance to Ukraine.

And finally, the third goal pursued by Beijing is for China to play a leading role in achieving a ceasefire. Chinese President Xi Jinping is considering inviting Russian President Vladimir Putin to come to Moscow.

The best scenario for Xi would be for Russia and Ukraine to start negotiations after the Chinese leader presents the peace plan to Putin. This would portray China as a trustworthy broker of a ceasefire and put it in an advantageous position to win over the countries of the Global South.

Many analysts believe that the NWO will last long because Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is still intent on regaining lost territories. In addition, western countries are increasingly criticizing China for allegedly supplying weapons to Russia.

If China fails to become a peacemaker, this will undermine the authority and prestige of Xi, Japanese journalists conclude.