Clement Beaune: France Warns Of Continued Transport Problems Due To Protests

Clement Beaune: France Warns Of Continued Transport Problems Due To Protests

Clement Beaune: French Minister Delegate for Transport Clement Beaune foresees significant disruption to the industry in the coming days until Friday due to the continuation of the protest movement against pension reform.

Speaking on LCI on Wednesday, a day after mass demonstrations in France that officially drew 1.28 million protesters, Bon said that the difficulties in the aviation sector « will continue at about the same intensity » as on strike day on March 7: flights at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport were reduced by 20% and at the airports of Orly, Nice, Toulouse, and Marseille by 30%.

In rail transport, all trade union organizations called for « renewed strikes. » On Wednesday, only about 30% of trains left on long-distance lines, even less in some sections.

Throughout France, the schedule of regional trains has been significantly disrupted. The number of suburban trains in the Paris region has been significantly reduced.

Until Friday, there will be problems in public transport in Paris, especially the metro, the minister-delegate predicted.

The eve of France was the sixth « day of mobilization » of those who disagreed with the pension reform plans. During the demonstrations, the unions announced that the next days of mass protest would be March 11 and 15. In addition, a number of sectors put pressure on the government plans for « renewed strikes. »

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Born presented on January 10 a draft pension reform developed by the government, which increases the retirement age from 62 to 64 years. It is assumed that the established retirement age threshold will be gradually shifted from 62 to 64 years by three months per year, and this process will last until 2030. The new regime will apply to generations of French-born on or after September 1961.

French President Emmanuel Macron announced during the election campaign in 2022 his determination to carry out pension reform before the end of his second presidential mandate.

After consideration in the lower house of parliament – the National Assembly – the draft law on pension reform entered the Senate, where it will be discussed until March 12.