Flooding In California: Two People Died, Almost 10 Thousand More Urgently Evacuated

Flooding In California: Two People Died, Almost 10 Thousand More Urgently Evacuated

Flooding in California: Heavy rains led to flooding in the US state of California. The disaster killed at least two people. The state authorities ordered the urgent evacuation of almost 10 thousand local residents.

CNN reports that two people became victims of floods in the US state of California provoked by heavy rains; 9.4 thousand were ordered to evacuate.

US President Joe Biden approved a request for a state of emergency in the region. The introduction of the state of emergency makes it possible to receive federal assistance. The state of emergency was introduced in 34 of California’s 58 counties.

In nine districts, ten temporary accommodation centers have been created for IDPs. In addition, more than 4,000 rescuers were involved in the liquidation of the consequences of the flood. They clear drainage pipes and remove fallen trees.

More than 25,000 residents were left without electricity in the region due to flooding. The situation is aggravated by warming and melting snow, which can lead to a significant increase in the water level in streams and rivers and new floods, the National Water Resources Center warned. This winter in California, a record amount of snow fell.

Local residents note that the situation with flooding in the region is getting worse every day. Previously, about 700 Soquewell residents in Santa Cruz County were trapped after an accident that flooded the only road connecting the community to the rest of the region. « Now we are an island, » a local resident told the TV channel.

A further threat of floods covers a region with a population of 25 million people. The TV channel notes that heavy rains will continue throughout the weekend, which could lead to new disasters in the area. They said that flash floods would be a particular problem on the central California coast and in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.