Pension Reform: Seventh Protest Rally Against Pension Reform Project Begins In France

Pension Reform: Seventh Protest Rally Against Pension Reform Project Begins In France

Pension Reform: In the French capital, youth organizations took to the streets to protest against the pension reform. Protests against the government-promoted pension reform project are taking Place on Saturday in France, local television reports.

The procession started on March 9 after 14.00 local time near the Saint-Lazare station; the column of protesters is moving towards the Place de la République, which should be the endpoint of the protest. The rally participants oppose raising the retirement age and demand that the government takes social protection measures for young people.

Various youth organizations, including student associations, participate in the protest in Paris. « We do not accept the fact that all of us, as well as our grandparents, will have to work two more years longer, » said one of the protesters.

On March 7, massive strikes began in France in all sectors of the economy, including transport and energy. Protesters oppose raising the retirement age and say they want to « put the French economy on its knees » in order to force the government to meet them halfway and withdraw the bill.

In January 2023, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Born presented a draft reform that would raise the country’s retirement age from 62 to 64 by 2030. The project also provides for an increase in the minimum pension to 1.2 thousand euros and the abolition of a number of special pension regimes in various sectors.-0-

President Emmanuel Macron announced his determination to carry out pension reform before the end of his mandate during the election campaign last year.

Then Macron, a presidential candidate, proposed a retirement age of 65 years as one of the key positions of the second presidential mandate. But, as Le Figaro noted on Tuesday, between two rounds, he agreed to a 64-year retirement threshold in order to attract the sympathy of left-wing voters.