The Oscars Will Be Held Without A Red Carpet For The First Time In 60 Years

The Oscars Will Be Held Without A Red Carpet For The First Time In 60 Years

Oscars: The ceremony will be held without a red carpet for the first time in 60 years. Instead, this year, a champagne-colored path was laid out.

Host of the ceremony, comedian, and actor Jimmy Kimmel, believes that the new color shows the organizers’ confidence that « no blood will be shed » during the awards ceremony. In addition, it is known that a tent was erected over the track to protect the stars and journalists from bad weather.

The tradition of celebrities arriving in the presence of journalists will continue, but this year the carpet will be rolled out indoors, not outdoors, and its color will be changed.

As creative consultant Lisa Love told reporters, « there was always an obvious discrepancy » guests arriving at the ceremony in a smart evening dress code but walking down the path in daylight at noon. In addition, the covered area will protect guests and journalists from bad weather. « We turned an afternoon event into an evening event, » she explained.

It is noted that among the organizers, there was no debate about this change. At the same time, different options for the color of the carpet were considered, but many looked too dark for the indoor space.

According to Love, the new shade of the track is « a beautiful color of sienna, saffron, which is reminiscent of a sunset because it’s the sunset before the golden hour. » At the same time, the consultant added that the carpet does not always have to be the same color.

Love also stressed that there is no reason to stop using the term « red carpet, » as it is more of a metonym for the passage of status guests than a literal description of the linen spread.

The red carpet appeared at the Oscars in 1961 at the 33rd ceremony. It was the first ceremony to be televised. For the past six decades, the track has been colored in various shades of red.